This same idea still drives him today. Having completed over 2,250 surveys  speaks of his commitment to clients and the community at large. He has dedicated himself to not only enjoying the many aspects of the maritime environment but in offering what is considered by many to be very useful opinion affecting repair, purchase, selling, and maintaining many different types of water craft. He is personally involved in every survey to ensure that each one receives the highest level of care and follow-up. His reports have been described by former clients as being thorough, clear, and concise. Having travelled to numerous locations through out North America, Europe, Caribbean, and Asia, he looks forward to serving repeat and new clients.



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David Wood MaritimeSurveyors   

Dave is the principal surveyor of DAVID WOOD MARITIME SURVEYORS. He has over forty years of building, repairing, repositioning vessels, and working in many aspects of the world-wide marine industry. Sixteen years ago he began applying those experiences and knowledge becoming a full time small craft surveyor with a simple premise: Make available to every client timely qualified opinion to help enable important decisions required to own, operate, repair, and purchase Pleasure Craft or Commercial Vessels. At the same time often inform individuals regarding apparent deferred maintenance issues, recommended construction practices, insured claims, and analysis of current market values.